Brokerage Services

Our financial advisors provide clients with the ability to invest and trade stocks, bonds, unit investment trusts, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds through our Broker/Dealer affiliate McDermott Investment Services, LLC. (MIS)

Our insurance group in conjunction with or Broker/Dealer offers both Fixed and Variable Annuities as well.


As a client of McDermott you will have access to our proprietary in-house research in addition to research from several nationally and internationally known independent research sources. The positions in your account are reviewed on a regular basis for updates against our firm’s research and cross checked against several independent research firms.


McDermott Investment Services, LLC, a registered Broker/Dealer and Member of FINRA, SIPC and the MSRB has a contractual custody and clearing arrangement with RBC Capital Markets to clear transactions of behalf of the firm and our clients. Through RBC, McDermott has access to many major national and international exchanges and financial institutions throughout the world.  More information on our relationship can be found on the disclaimers page of this website.

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