Retirement Planning

“Comfortable Planning for a Comfortable Future” is our retirement planning motto at McDermott Investment Advisors. It is also our practice in the Retirement Planning Group!

Whether you are starting to save for your retirement years or rolling over a retirement plan from a former employer, your McDermott advisor can assist you in structuring and managing a retirement program utilizing asset allocation where necessary to meet your needs and goals.

Our professionals work with you to establish Traditional and Roth IRA’s and Annuities which we can utilize to accommodate rollovers from your employers when changing positions or in retirement. We can consolidate retirement accounts for ease of management. Your McDermott advisor can also establish 401(k) and 403(b)’s, SIMPLE and SEP retirement accounts for your business.

After determining risk tolerances and performing a needs analysis, your financial advisor will work with you to build an investment portfolio to keep you comfortable in your retirement years.

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